More Projects, Less Management

Imagine a platform that gives you all the info you need to go faster without the overhead to get it. That's KATA.

Central Progress Hub

No more info silos

All project activity data, artifacts, and critical events collected in one place. Your days searching through Slack threads, docs, and tools are over.

Auto-Generated Status

Take that time back

KATA curates tool activity and human inputs into auto-generated updates at the IC, project and group levels. Remember all the time you use to waste writing status updates?

Goal-Project Alignment

Consolidate tools

With flexibility to organize projects and report status at whatever level you need (e.g. project, team, goal, initiative), it’s time to start decommissioning some of those other tools.

Real-Time Visibility

Goodbye status pings

Anyone can catch up on the latest with any project or initiative, whenever they want. Those urgent Slack pings, disruptions, and alignment meetings wil not be missed.

Build more, update less

KATA keeps teams aligned asynchronously without disrupting their flow. All from the comfort of their preferred tools.
Integrations with Slack, Jira, Github, Figma, G-Suite, and more!
As a leader, KATA makes me look like a superhuman — I am able to effortlessly know what’s going on with every project by consuming updates and key decisions for the projects that matter right from within Slack.
Lynette Pretorius
VP of Operations at Carbon6