Get organizations out of the way of their builders

We are on a mission to accelerate the future by arming the product and engineering organizations building it with the superpowers needed to do their best work. To be a Dream Team.

Software should empower humans, not the other way around

Unfortunately, project management software missed the memo. And with engineering teams operating more distributed, async, and resource-constrained than ever, it isn’t getting any better.


noun /ˈkädə/

a Japanese word for form, commonly used in martial arts to refer to practicing fundamentals to achieve overall mastery

A modernized approach is needed

KATA unlocks the visibility and alignment your engineering team needs to go faster. The never ending cycle of disruptions, check-in meetings, and status pings stops here.


At Shopify, we obsessed about staying fast as we grew. So much so that we built our own internal tool to create a social protocol for work. Everyone, from the intern to the CEO, used the same tool to see who’s working on what and why. It made us 10x better. KATA is the new, improved version of that tool. Now available for everyone, and more deeply connected to the tools teams work in.

Jean-Michel Lemieux, former CTO at Shopify and VP Engineering at Atlassian

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image of our second investor
image of our second investor
image of our second investor